Mar 20, 2015

An Event By Which I got Afraid Essay | Discussion Paragraph For Grade 8

It was Tuesday  14th October 2014, when I was to catch Bagh Express Train from Basti railway station with my family.   It was third consecutive day of Hud-hud cyclone .

"Hud hud was a cyclonic storm that occurred in India in the month of  October. It originated in Andaman sea on 8th October . It has its greater effect in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Orissa. Actually I went to Basti to see my grandfather. He was not well and he needed checkups. I went to Basti with my family during Puja vacation  and our school was going to open on 16th October . So we needed to go to Durgapur as soon as possible. From morning it was raining very heavily. There were no vehicles moving on the road. 

  However we had booked a Auto Ricksaw(Tempu) on 13th October . My father was calling the driver but he was not responding. Ultimately my father took the bike of my uncle and went to the driver of Ricksaw(Tempu). He denied to go to station because of bad weather. My father could not put pressure on him because of bad weather. 

Immediately an idea came in our mind. My father went to the bus stand and put extra payment proposal to a Ricksaw(Tempu) driver. He agreed on the double fare rate. We left out after my father changed his wet dress and taking few warmth of the electric heater. My father 's body was sinking because of cold. We get on the Ricksaw(Tempu)and left for railway station. We all were in fear of accident because the wind and rain was roaring . It seemed that the Ricksaw(Tempu) will be drawn away besides the road. We all we getting wet from both sides of the tempu doors. Somehow we could save us from only 3 km journey. This half an hour journey was highly fearful for me . I never found caught myself in such type of difficulty. we changed our dresses in the washroom of the railway station. we got relief after getting into the train.

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