Mar 13, 2015

Write about Someone You Admire | Doing Right Thing in a difficult situation | Write in Your Words

The question of this kind of article will be like this: Write about Someone You Admire for doing the Right Thing in a very difficult situation . share what you admired about this person and the way they handled it.

I have never seen such a challenging situation in one's life and pray to God not to throw anyone into a situation like this; what I am going to share here.

There is a girl in my neighborhood who exhibited this kind of potential. This is completely surprising. I think this was a biggest shock of her life when her mother expired at a very young age; when she was eight years old only. Her mother left her and her two years young brother; who cannot live a while without mother. I cannot even imagine life under this kind of difficult situation. But heads off to his father and the girl; who took the challenge and adapt themselves in this circumstance.

The girl was already a child, but after her mother's death she had to perform on behalf of her mother for her younger brother for all daily activities. She used to help her father for cooking. Her father immediately used to leave her at 6 AM for his office. Her duty was to keep cooked food properly, locking the house before going to school. Now she would arrange for preparing tiffin for herself and taking her brother with her she used to go to school.

She had carried out what is not logical for her and as of then she was not eligible for the burden of that kind. My heart used to break out to see her daily activities. I shares her gossips very often with my mother. Whenever my mom cooked delicious food , I every time gave her . I felt very pride all time while helping her from my sides. After watching her smile I used to cherish my feeling from bottom of my heart. It is my great memory in my life. Also I took her life as biggest learning in my life. I wouldn't wish this but if fall in trouble I must follow her to carry out life even at most opposite condition. I have never seen such a girl throughout my life. I kept all her memory in photographs and writings. I learnt one thing from her that we shouldn't fell down in my trouble time. Weeping and crying is a part and parcel of human feelings. But we must search and try to find our surrounding resources . One thing I must start to work out our daily requirements. One sure finds its way. Because It is the God who are casting our life from his control room. He is testing us and must follow the other creation of God like birds ; which has no food even for its next meal. But it is the almighty God ; who arrange that.

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