Apr 10, 2015

Essay on Animals for class 1 | Pointwise

  • Animals are living things like us.
  • They eat food , play , run and hunt.
  • We categorise animals into domestic animal and wild animal .
  • By birth we are also an animal but we are superior to other animal in many ways.
  • Animals have their homes like us.
  • It also maintains family.
  • Few animals are very beautiful but few are not.
  • Different animals have different voice.
  • Cow, Buffalo, Goat, hen and dog are more important to human beings.
  • when there were no machines , the bull were life line of our agriculture.
  • There are mainly two types of animals herbivorous and carnivorous.
  • Herbivorous animals eat plant and carnivorous animals eat flesh.
  • Animals are suffering much from many human caused problems.
  • Injections are used to suck more milk from the body of cows.
  • This must be treated as illegal work in our system.
  • The male calf is forced to death as they have not much advantage for milkmen.
  • Milkmen are using plastic can on the mouth of calf to stop them from feeding.
  • This is very inhuman in nature and I feel very much sad for this.
  • I deny to take milk due to this reason.
  • Animals are very much affected negatively from human treatment.
  • Human beings are giving excuse in the name of business./li>
  • Forests are the ideal home for many animals and these are vanishing.
  • I request our government to take action against bad treatment against animals

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