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Apr 3, 2015

Pleasures of Reading Essay

Reading gives us pleasure and full contentment. Reading  is always a bliss in whatever mood we are.  A  good book is a blessing to a learner if he  is seriously devoted about knowledge . And a book is a store of fun and entertainment. Reading books is a blissful source of happiness for a person ; who is obsessive of learning . The taste of reading book brings out of world to such type of person.

While reading book , we are absorbed in it and we forget our worries and feel great. Reading adds information to us. It is rightly said that a book is like a teacher which can benefit a student imensly if he is a consistent reader. Success in educational carrier can only be achieved if reading will be taken as way of pleasure. Reading costs nothing but gives much values. Many students runs here and there for tuition. Actually this type of student lacks in 'pleasure of reading' formula. Therefore they need compelling force to learn. It is my opinion that this type of students never stand in the list of toppers. If we do survey then it will be noticed that toppers are mostly attached with the quality books and they get happiness by reading books . Parents must guide their ward to read storybooks. It add up in the understanding of language. Reading poem , topper's advice in the magazine etc give interest and courage to stand in life. In whatever professional life we are , pleasure of reading should be inculcated to perform better .

Here I am rereccomending few books for students that can improve their ability in mathematics. you are also requested to comment below for good book reference if you know. Any type of books that are of good rativg may be written in the comment box. < ul class=' K2'>

  • #Elementary Algebra By Hall and Knight -Price Rs.  150
  • #Tej Ram Pitamber Lal  Arithmetic- -Price Rs.  275.00
  • #Higher algebra hall and knight
  • #Walker Miller geometry
  • #K P Basu Algebra
  • #Hall and Stevens  a school geometry
  • *Jcc (Jadav Chandra Chakravarty) Arithmetic
  • *H.C. Verma Concepts of Physics - price Rs.150.00
  • * Concise 9 mathematics part 1- By R S Agrawal
  • *Middle Class mathematic-
  • #BMA talent and olympiad for cl 8,9 etc TALA MCGRAW HILL ntse book

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