Apr 24, 2015

My Bicycle Learning Experience Essay for Class 5

By Riyan Akbar
Class 5-A

Hello! I am Riyan. I am 6 years old. My papa gave me a bicycle on my sixth birthday. Before buying the bicycle, I was highly excited after listening that my papa had decided to buy a new bicycle for me.

My papa told me his bicycle learning story. It is so interesting that I still remember that story because it is very funny and forces me to laugh again and again when I listen it. I am recommending you to first read my papa's bicycle learning story to enjoy fully this essay.

A boy cycling on road near farmland.

We bought new bicycle of Hero Company according to my height. This was the minimum height bicycle of Hero with side helping wheel. I was so much excited that I wanted to reach to my house very fast. But my papa told that don't be so much excited and advised over excitation may harm anyone at any situation. He also told that from today this bicycle is yours and you try to keep relax calm for bicycle riding. I still remember all these advice.

First I listened all safety guidelines from my father. Also I read traffic rules from my book. I was extremely happy to carry my bicycle as I was not a good rider. Therefore I walked with bicycle for ten minutes. After that my sister helped me to ride first time. From that day,I used to practice it daily at evening. Within few days I was able to drive with half paddle. Day by day I grown up and after one month, I use to ride on my bicycle with the help of helping wheel. I had fallen down many times . Sometime I fell down at left side and sometime right side. After one year, my father removed the helping wheel. I tried to ride first time without helping wheel, but I fell down. Again I got up and again started riding practice . one day my sister advised me to learn balancing. She started helping me for making a balance. She used to push my bicycle and now this time I can ride a by cycle with the help of a push . One day my father scolded me for taking help every time. I had no answer. But I decided to ride myself. Next day my father teach me to ride a bicycle alone . I fall two times and I got hurt , cuts on my skin, but I kept on my practice. Now I can ride the bicycle alone and I drive daily without any help and support. I use my bicycle riding as my exercise partner. I feel very happy now as I can ride on bicycle flawlessly.

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