May 1, 2015

Safety Measures for Earthquake Essay Pointwise | Safety Guidance for Earthquake

Class 5

We have no any fool proof system to anticipate the earthquake occurrence. However following measures can be taken to reduce the consequent  damage .

This is not 100 percent authentic , however many of us believe in this. If there is change in natural behavior then it is showing a danger signal of earthquake . For example: If animals are weeping or birds are not visible, then it may be the indication of any natural disaster.

  • Keep calm. It is the most important, because body realizes unusual feelings during earthquake.
  • Stay away from walls if you are inside your house.
  • Get out of your house as soon as possible.
  • Hide yourself under table or bench.
  • Cushion type object may be kept on head.
  • Heavy objects are not to be kept at high  shelves near bed.
  • Main switch of electric line to be switched off.
  • Stop immediately if you are driving car or bike.
  • If the road is getting crack , then move away from the crack area
  • Switch of gas oven.
  • It is better to get out of house and lay down flat on the ground.
  • When you are outside , then  keep away from tree . 
  • Stay away from beaches area even after shake ended. Tsunami may strike after the earthquake .
  • keep away from bridges and building if you are at out area . 
  • Keep away from overhead electric lines, tower and poles.
  • Keep a first aid box at known place.
  • Use your intelligence to save yourself as you know your situation best at the time of earthquake. 
  • Beautiful homes are the largest killer during the earthquake,  therefore make homes strong  instead of beautiful.

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