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May 29, 2015

Essay on My Favourite Subject History For Class 8

"We study the past to understand the present; we understand the present to guide the future." -- William Lund

History tells our past mistakes to decide perfectly our present for a bright and successful future. Our future can be estimated with the help of hisotrical data.

History is my favourite subject because it is more important to know others on this globe. I find it much interesting to know the facts and figures of past events. Reason of fall of an empire rise of a society. Upliftment facts of mind-blowing personalities of the past time inculcate energy in me. It causes to think us about who we are, where we are and why we are. It enables us to foresee our success and failure in future. That is why it is my favourite subject.

What would be the face of the world, if we had understood others in more depth. If a person or countrymen would have understood other people or countrymen then there might be less implications among the people and the countries. The complexities and today's implication would be very less. The real problem of today is because we are not ready to listen and perceive others closely in positive sense. We always want to sell our thoughts, ideologies and way of interactions upon other societies; which is not always possible. The problem of Iraq that we are facing today would have been different if we would have studied the past of those people more accurately before taking the decision that had been taken in the past. The problem is that we can't change our history, but good side of the history is that we can check the effect of one events and can estimate the future implication. One important point to note is that we must not argue the historical decision, instead we should study to improve our future decision after studying the same type of historical mistakes and its effects.

The way of behaving of different people at present time becomes the history. History is the totality of events of one person, society or nation that can only be assessed when it become past. We can not judge people or any society at present until we study the complete history and way of interaction of those people or societies. It means that we must study this subject. Studying history is more important to succeed in life.

Historical decision can create a bright future and historical mistakes can creates a blunder for a person, a society and for a nation. Wrong past information mess up the understanding of human beings . Biased history is more dangerous. As it misleads the people. Therefore while writing history or news events it must be taken care for including group of people of various societies, political parties, cast and religion. History must only be endorsed after check and recheck by a decisive board having all types of people of any country. If we want to do innovation and creativity then history is the control parameter to mould us in correct way. Suppose we want to take economical decisions then we must study past successful economy. It is so simple even then many of us ignore history. We put care on it after our failures. Greatest question of history is still pending to answer that why we are here, why our existance is tested in much complex way by Almighty.....Think it to create another greater historical reflection.


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