May 22, 2015

Essay on Fisher Man For Class 5

A fisherman is someone who catches or captures fish for pleasure or for profit from pond, lake, sea etc. The word fisherman is used for man and woman both. From ancient time fishing has been a tool for obtaining food for existence. It is because fish are made available in abundance by Almighty.

According to Food and Agricultural Organisation of United Nation about 38 million worldwide people are fisherman. About 500 million developing countries' people are getting direct and indirect employment from fisheries and aquaculture [FAO data 2005] . There are two basic categories of fisherman commercial fisherman and recreational fisherman. Also there are many types fisherman according to geography and fishing method viz. Traditional icelandic fisherman, Belgium shrimpers on horsback, English shrimper with pushnet, Chilean fisherman with lobsters, Japanese fisherman with a tuna, Indian fisherman and Long island fisherman. For poor it is one of the easiest ways to get food. Village people use fishing as a means of handsome earning during off season of agriculture. If a fisherman becomes able to catch one good fish in a day then he can use it for gaining more by bidding for its quality. There are many people in village of India particularly in Utter Pradesh; who bid high to get good quality fish.

Fisherman's life always remains at risk because of natural hazard like tsunami tide etc. As far as I know , fishing  is the most dangerous profession as the death per lakhs is the highest in comparison to  other risky profession. Fishermen are the the backbone for fulfilling the need of non-veg food. They put their lives at greater risk. I have experience of fear from water while doing fishing in water. Little water is blessing but huge water is a danger of death. I am sharing my fishing experience.

When I was of 14 years of age, I was fond of fishing. But I never ate fish. I felt very much excited for capturing fish. I used stick of bamboo with a needle and rope. We used earthworm for catching fish. First we used to gather at one place and used to make fishing plan in a particular pond or lake. We used to gather information about pond or lake for greater chances of fish availability. Then we used to collect earthworm. In group we walked four to five kilometre to reach up to pond. Our village pond usually had large quantity of Hydrilla plants. We used to gather these Hydrilla plant to sit on it for fishing. We used about five fishing sticks. After spreading fishing sticks in the pond , we used to sit for hours. We generally caught one to two kg fishes in about five hours. But it was not an easy task to make a Hydrilla heap stable for five hours. We were doing hard labour to make Hydrilla heap stable by gathering the Hydrilla plants in regular intervals. Sometime leeches stuck to our legs and used to suck blood. Sometime I met with accident of drowning but somehow I managed to save me. At that moment I realised that how close to death I was!

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