Jun 12, 2015

Essay on Who really get Benefit from the Development the Rich or the Poor

Development is an event comprising of a new stage in a changing situation. It may also be called as growth, evolution, expansion, progress that often reasons for the welfare of locality, society, countries etc. Any change that brings prosperity happiness and peace for human beings is called development.

Both rich and poor get the benefit of a development but rich gets more portion than the poor. This is true because we are still engaged in poverty alleviation work. We talk about global when we rich people are in business of wealth creation. But when it comes turn of poor then global becomes the local problem of individual country. In the today'sbiased development, Poor people are local and rich people are global. If we minutely do research the sluggish progress in poverty removal then we will notice that basic reason behind it are middle men, wrong leadership, complexity of the laws, unjustified job selection procedures, vote politics, lack of transparency etc.

The leaders of these times are mostly their pocket based not welfare of people based. More developments sucks more life saving resources e.g. rice, wheat, pulse, vegetables etc. It can be realized by an employee living in developed country has enough purchasing power and suck those costly resources even they are more dear.

Peace and poverty are the two faces of a coin. Poor people are rich in peace and contentment. Where as rich people are happy with wealth and problems. I tag the word problem, because wealth always carries development and problem. Little hared to understand. Take an example. We have erected high rises building but these buildings remain under threat of earthquake. More development decreased the natural properties of the Earth. It is today's truth. More rich people more war equipment more fight for resources and poor are killed. In these scenario development is dangerous. It removes the peace of the poor. We can't deny that it gives employment to poor. But the main fruit of the employment goes in the pocket of rich. Therefore poor only earn bread. After that they remain poor again. But rich people earn money that create more wealth. This in long run produced disparity in the society. Therefore vicious poverty trapped more poor in its mouth.

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