Jun 19, 2015

Poverty is a Curse Essay | it Cripples the Society with the people | who fall victims in its Clutches | Discuss by Picturising the story of Hardship | from the chapter journey by night

Question is like this: Poverty is a curse it cripples the society with the people who fall victims in its clutches Discuss by picturising the story of hardship from the chapter journey by night.

Poverty is scarcity of need of life that tears the cloth of life into pieces thereby making eye wet and inserting deep pain into feelings. If it clutches anyone then it makes whole life full of hardship and never provide any passage to come out of it. It can be said that poverty is curse.

Poverty has been defined by many countries with income level of deprivation level, but literally in real sense poverty is the level at which human beings will not be able to survive. When it clutches in hardship then it become impossible to proceed in life. Darkness prevails around the eyes, when there remains no coin in the pocket. It turns someone into inhuman activities. Or sometime poor people divert them from mainstream of a country and works against the law and order. But simple people found them clutches themselves in the vicious circle of poverty till death.

In "journey by night" chapter we notice that Kunwar was at the door of death. But his mother was bound to work with cattle and also she was bound to continue her daily work otherwise they all had to starve. The poverty here is so deeper than it encompasses the expected death event of her beloved child. She mourned in tears and said that it was more important to send her child to hospital but she failed to do herself and forced her elder son; who was only of twelve to carry Kunwar on his shoulder. It is very pathetic. Nobody in this world will decide to put his beloved one into danger of night travelling. We never allow our son or daughter to go outside of campus if there is a road in front of our house. Night travelling risk for our son or daughter is far beyond our decision. When Kunwar's mother decides that it feels as she is taking out his heart out of his body. But if she wouldn't continue her job then all had to die. This is really very deep poverty situation.

This isn't the end of the hardship of the family. Sher Singh faces many dreadful problem on the way. difficulties on the way to hospital. For a twelve year child it is not easy to face a night journey of a primeval forest; where Shere Sing faces cobra, herd of elephant and track of bears in the night. On the way he had to cross two rivers. It was really impossible for a child to cross a flooded river. But poverty pressure is dominating her mind. It put too much pressure on Sher Singh. After reaching hospital the next big problem was money problem ; which is very common for a poor. He had to work in railway yard. Finally the effort of Sher Singh won the race of poverty and difficulty and he managed to save his brother Kunwar.

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