Jul 10, 2015

Essay on Paper For Class 6

Introduction :

Paper has influenced humans lives for past thousands of years. It will not be wrong to say that paper is a backbone of learning, reading, writing, art drawing etc. Paper still has big role in our society.

Paperless work or digitisation has started shaping our official work into a new electronic platform, but the fear of data loss is still have use of paper for hard records. The fear of no existence of electricity in future is a big factor to decide the future of the paper. As far as I know the banks are still records all transaction of the branch.

Everybody is talking about paperless work. At certain extent it is possible. But in many instances we can't leave paper fully. E.g. we still prefer to read book than computer screen. Biologically paper is healthier than computer screen. Let us know few history of paper.

The word paper came from the word "papyrus". Papyrus is a thick material of Cyprus Papyrus plant. The first paper was invented by Egyptian around 3500 BC. They used strips of paper reeds; which were dampened and pressed to turn it into usable form. These papers were also used by Mediterranean cultures.
But modern paper was invented in ancient china during Han Dynasty (206 BC- 220 AD) [source Wikipedia]. In history writing or inscription was made on bone or bamboo or on piece of silk called chih. After defeat of Chinese in the battle of Talas the invention of paper making spread to Middle East E.g Samarkand, Baghdad, Egypt etc.

Top paper producing countries are China (largest producer), USA (2nd largest producer) and Japan (3rd largest producer). In India Ballarpur Industries Limited (BILT) is the largest paper producer. ITC is the 2nd largest paper producer of India.

Uses of Paper: Paper are mainly used for writing printing books, Magazine, Newspaper etc. It is also used for banknote as a currency of a country. Special modified forms of paper are used for cleaning purpose E.g. paper soap, toilet paper, facial cleaning paper. Paper is also used for decoration purpose. It is also used for wrapping gifts. After banning of polythene paper's use for packaging of shop goods has been increased these days. Some kind of papers is very strong and can be used as strong box for packaging. Computer generated banners on paper are being used at large scale now a days. This happened because of cheaper and very good quality of colour print for banners. Therefore paper still has endless uses.

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