Jul 3, 2015

Traffic Rules Essay | With Data how many People are made with Accidents in one year and how

Traffic rules is one of the most important system to be taken as serious in consideration. We must be most ethical for obeying traffic rules otherwise it would throw  us into hell of suffering. Road accidents particularly become the fear factors for all of us.  We are so scary about roadside  movement that we are stopping our children from leading normal open life.

Accident data:

Traffic  expert says that the actual figure of the accident is more than the record , because all accidents are not recorded. India ranks highest in the world in traffic collisions data. A National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) report says that every year, more than 135,000 traffic collision-related deaths occur in India (source : wikipedia ). Traffic collisions related deaths are 14 per hour in 2009 and maximum casualties are associated with the motorcycle and trucks . In New Delhi, the capital of India, the frequency of traffic collisions is 40 times higher than the rate in London. WHO identified that the major causes of traffic collisions are due to driving over the speed limit, driving under the influence (drunken ), and not using helmets and seat belts.

Reason of road  accidents : Emotional cause : It is because people have  less respect towards traffic rules. Harman Singh Siddhu of "ArriveSafe" organisations  of India has stated that general lack of respect for traffic rules is a major contributing  factor  of road accident.  Anger of not deviating from narrow road or path is creating bad intention during driving.  Mental excitation of taking unnecessary road race is a common mistake of today's youth.

Wrong Driving sense: While turning right side from main road to take another road at a T-joint, one should never be at extreme left at the time of turning right. He should make himself at right side slowly by turning on right side indicator of the vehicle. It is also the traffic  rules.  But many drivers don't know this. Also check indicator before riding everyday because sometime in one's life it may fail to function.

    Safety Precaution :
  • A truck driver always does the mistake of quick bending without giving a signal as maximum of them usually have no indicator at working condition. Therefore a bicker must be very careful while overtaking the trucks.
  • While driving it should be kept in mind that life is more important than any work in our day to day life. Not reaching timely to office can cause a small punishment.
  • Saving two minutes with 100 km/hr speed is far better than saving our lives. Virtual cinematic road race is not the reality of life. If anybody meets an accident then he may face never ending list of accidental impact.
  • One most important thing to keep in mind is that accident not always happen by own mistake but by mistake of other also. Therefore remember that other driver will do mistake and we need to be ready for that mistake to save us. It is one of the great lessons of driving.

Conclusion: Accident record should be tracked with cctv and to be processed with software. The accident is to be recorded with standard database system to know the problems of a particular road spot or crossing. We all should know the traffic rules. We should help other and even government for safe driving. We must avoid unnecessary race driving as it doesn't yield any values in our life. We should be friendly in our temperament while driving particularly at critical crossing.

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