Sep 25, 2015

503 Words Essay on My Dream For Class 10

503 Words Essay

“My Dream is to set that bird free from its cage”. “A smile on my mother’s face is my dream I yearn “. A dream is an ambition, the reason to live. It makes impossibility into a possibility.

If fantasy would be lacking then a Nomad wouldn’t have made it out of the cave. Dream is to believe, believe is to act; act is to progress and progress is to success. We read many heart touching stories about people leaving everything behind and following what they love. I would say that’s what dream comprises of, not of that which includes grasp of parchment.

I had a dream last night where I was flying on a Hippogriff and living in a sanctuary with my beloved and with that I painted a canvas which made my dream come true of becoming an artist. So dreams are inter connected. Small hints and intuitions which life gives make’s our way till the end, only if we understand the plan designed for our passion.
▷ Mahatma Gandhi’s dream was to free our nation.
▷ Thomas Alva Edison wanted a light that would ignite the dreams of others.
▷ Leonardo da Vinci desirably painted a smile that would take breaths away.

Some of the stories or dream speech which I have heard are of
▷ A couple leaving everything behind and travelling the world through a ferry along with their pet cat to see the beauty which God has made with all his love.
▷ An engineering student leaving his studies to follow his passion of becoming a chef.
In this ‘ Playing safe’ obsessed world, young generation often get brainwashed everyday to follow the heard, to become a living machine with lack of creativity and spirit. I hear much of adolescence of this generation saying that they would let their offspring’s follow their heart instead of getting manufactured in the universities.

MARTIN LUTHER KING’S “I have a dream” portrays about justice against racism, against inhumanity. The speech delivered by him has made a country united with the abode of all races together. I believe a dream is fulfilment. Like a song is only complete with good lyrics, a likely life is complete with a dream. So, what’s your dream?..

We hear songs being sung to give them some sunshine, to give them some rain, to give them another chance to grow up once again. Only if they could, only if we could and we can, so let us dream, dream big to make a little girl happy because it is never too late for anything.

“In the ocean I see, the dream of a fisherman
In the fire I see the ignite of fierce
In the earth I see the yearn for petrichor
In the winds I see dream of serenity”
“Oh thy make dreams come true
I pray every day to you
Thy destinies be reached and promises be Fulfilled
Reverie I am, so guide me through
Fantasies glitter in my eyes
So let them shine anew”

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