Sep 18, 2015

Essay on My Biggest Wish for Country For Class 9

My small wish for our country India can solve bigger problems and it will qualify as the biggest wish parameter for our country that anybody perceived till date .

Financial, political , Industrial growth numbers cannot present index of happiness of common man. Bread, employment, health and smile of the common man face determine the life index of any country .

My wish can bring the true happiness and real growth sense in our society. I think I should reveal my wish now. It is making our government's all system transparent with the help of computerisation . It is the wish of many citizens of India . Great experts already have advocated for bringing transparency . If the banks can be computerised within a year then why not gowonment . The most important thing is that computerisation must not be a show game. we common man needs to exeute our needful official job at our fingertips just like internet banking . It is the most convenient method to reduce corruption which is eating our country day by day .

Corruption is the result of redtapism activities of person connected to the execution process of the governmental bodies. If the system can be made transparent then everything will be visible foam top & bottom. Most of all the system must be citizen driven and policy must be gourmet driven. It is the only way to perceive for betterment of a country having minimal corruption or no corruption.

I would like to cite examples of redtappism activities of government staff/ officers etc and its substitute process to diminish the wrong power utilisation of the men connected with the government activity.
Example 1:
Problem: If someone go to put an FIR the police indirectly ask bribe. Or the police shows his power to put fear in the front men, so that he make a contribution.
Solution : The online FIR registry method must be made available for the convenience of the common men. And all the talk between police and the parties must be locked in the computer system. So that no any twist of move can be made to cheat any of the parties. The government fee must be paid online. There are many person who cannot do it. For them cyber cafe are to be made government's agent for case basis fee payable by the common men.
Example 2:
Problem: The judiciary system must be computerised to make the system honest. It is the one place from where corruption are breeding by leaps and bound. The problem is that layers makes creative mistake in the statement to charge unnecessary fee for its correction. For every stamp there is connected fee. No one can avail any communication to the judicial system through online system. Every common man has fear of black coats why? Is it the system our freedom fighters dreamed. Certainly not.
Solution: If the cases will be launched by the party itself thereby paying government's registration fee through e-stamp. Then the start of the cases will be transparent. The lawyer will be in the system between the customer and the court system through online channel. Every statement must be locked in the system to make it one time statement that cannot be changed for cheating anyone. It can also be scrutinized by the court judges and the system. There will be no dependency on verbal talk . Everything will be written like SAP system of the corporate world. I think this will do a wonder for the common men and for the nation also. Just like banking system and online railway ticketing has boosted the economy of our country. Transparency will do the same for the other government bodies.

Above all we love our country whatever way it looks, feel and treat us. We are proud of our country.

More to be added. Readers are requested to add more point of corruption and its solution

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