Oct 9, 2015

Importance of Girl's Education Essay for Class 12

573 Words Essay or this title- How Much Girls Education is Important

Girl's education is one of the most indispensable parameter for preserving and enriching our cultural and civilised inherited values. Girls are the foundation bricks to construct the house of civilised society and also Girls are more responsible for cultivating high values in the society. A girl turning to mother is the first and the most important teacher to inject the sense of wrong and right into the raw and clean mind of a child. Therefore an educated mother can only be produced if we dreamed for an educated girl in our past course of social process. First lesson of life is the most important that decides the way a grown up child will deal with the society in future. An educated mother can only deliver this goodness if she would has been borough up in right way from her childhood.

Girls are sharing and caring our values with fifty percent approximately, but it is very unfortunate that a more percentages of girls are not getting proper education particularly in developing countries. They had been facing discrimination for long time. They have been deprived from their basic human rights. This is dragging the girls education status behind. Educating the girls is the one of the most steps to empower them about which we have been talking about in world conferences.

It is a painful feeling that India has lowest female literacy rate in Asia (Report -1998). Illiterate women have higher mortality rates and high fertility rate. It has been noticed that an uneducated woman has negative impact on health of her children. Article 45 (Directive Principles of State policy) of the Indian constitution has provision of compulsory education until age of fourteen years. A national policy also has been implemented to bring basic change in woman's life. It has been very unfortunate the people of our country are binding girls for nominal certification for the success of girl's marriage. They are not considering the girl's education as a foundation of her earning helper in bad time in her future. Miseries of girl's future has been noticed higher after her marriage. The dependency of girls upon boys turning them weak in their married life. These are not the problem of India, but a basic problems in Asian countries.

I recommend girls to learn to earn. And use their mind and education to strengthen themselves. Be leader not a follower of husband. This doesn't mean to fight with husband but to work in synergy with husband to achieve better life for their children so that the girls of their next generation be more dynamic and empowered. This is a big fact and a very positive note that Indian girls are proving themselves better than boys in the Matriculation and plus two results.

Girls are basically second in the world. It is not me but the data of professionalism and working field are reflecting. Few countries are exception. One change the whole world need is that their should be a compatible professional education for the girls. The common field is open to all but their should be few specific field for medium type of girls who want to stand mentally and economically in her life.

I wish a modern empowered girl in our society as besides mother's role there are various roles of girls those are accountable for turning our life into heavenly life. Whole world communities should work in synergy to provide better education, health care , self-esteemed life to a girl.

Ann Mayer May 30, 1975 (age 40)

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