Oct 16, 2015

Essay on Peace For Grade 10

“Let us heal the world to make it a better place. Let us heal it for you and for me and the entire human races. There are people dying in this paradise but if we care enough for the living, it will be a better place for you and for me.”-

World peace day is observed on 21st September every year. ‘Peace’, a word which is in dire need, which is of utmost important.

In my opinion harmony can be maintained in this world when the ‘black moss’ i.e. agony, wrath, jealousy, ego will be forgotten. We have experienced world wars, a history unforgettable, numerous lives lost, making each and every person facing the war a nightmare to his life.

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is doing their part to make peace with other countries by making an initiative to make peace all around the world by introducing a program called ‘Peace Corps’ where the volunteering persons undergo training and then work abroad and help in social and economic development and help people understand the culture of other countries.

Love and hatred co-exist but tranquillity can be achieved in the seclusion of times. “Peace is not simply a word but rationality and uprightness of every citizen.”

“Reconcile amorously with love and create an understanding between our hearts. And resolve us of our broken affairs. And guide us towards the solemn peace and paths of guidance and kindness. And take us out of the darkness of falsehood, agony, ignorance, evil to the brightness of truth and guidance. Peace can be attained, provided, we want it, we yearn for it.

On being asked by a young girl what peace meant to her, she said “Peace is when my dad will come back home from war”
For a mother peace is when she makes a house home.
For a girl it is when she has freedom.

Take Nature as the best example for peace or a monk in the Himalayas who knows the key to attain peace, to acquire a peaceful mind. “In the deepest ocean I see peace
In the night I see
In the quiet moments I see peace
In the baby’s smile I see
In an animal I see peace
In love I see”.

“It is said that it is hard to fill a cup which is already full in its hurdles and in the gruesome worldly affairs”, but a clear and peaceful mind will make a successful person, so open your mind.

“Be in a good pace by overhanging your attitude not your altitude”, and you will find a better person of yourself. Be a better person than yesterday, you never know what change may bring to you. So be considerate about it, be peaceful about it. The main motive in life is not of leading a life of hustle and bustle but of being tranquil, of being serene, calm and majestic.

Prayer for Peace:
Peace I leave in with you- “I bestow the faith with you.
My peace I give it to you- “I ascertain my purity to you.
Regards not my sins but it is the faith of your love- “I do sin but the faith of your forgiveness keeps me alive.

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