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Oct 30, 2015

Sort Essay on 'If I Own a Toy Shop' for Class 3

283 Words Essay By: Kareem Ghawi Abbas

I have such strong passions for toys that I feel like kids who never grew up. I delight in being surrounded by toys and by introducing them to others. I find great delight in sharing my passion with others and inspiring a love of play in children.

Of course, if I own a toy shop, I may work as a teacher and have more fun way. As the owner of toy shop, I have to choose the games that develop children's mind in the first place . In addition , I advise parents not to be led to the wishes of their children themselves. In fact, I should schedule time with each customer to know how the toy works and how much it costs.

While money isn’t everything, making a profit is essential in order to stay in business. But more than the money, it's my passion for toys and want of improving the minds of youngsters . Nowadays, toy shops can provide good incomes , especially with steady sales. So I think it will be OK to compete with the biggest chain shops, I have a philosophy of how to attract my customers. Definitely, my customers expect not only all kinds of toys that can't find anywhere else, but also the quality products and good selection. In conclusion, as the owner of a toy shop, I can become an important part of my community, selling toys to people who value my knowledge and expert advice.

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