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Oct 30, 2015

Essay on All’s Well That Ends Well For Grade 10

"My life is not totally alright" she said I kept my convincing palm on her hand and said "It will all get better in the end"

Mia was going through a tough time, life had washed her out like a sea shell on the shore. Life had been unfair on her but she had caught the rope of life because she was not ready to let go. She believed that life might be hard but God had better plans for her, and she held on to it with patience and determination and it paved way for making her life a bliss. So that is all about it. All will be well when it ends well, all you have to just hold on to it. "It is of faith that we are tested for, so make your faith a living one" We are such humans as dreams are made on, and our little life, is that which is made round with a sleep.

There is nothing that is either good or bad, but our own thinking makes it so. “I suspect that the rising stars are fire
I doubt that the sun moves
I suspect truth to be a liar
But never doubt when I love”

William Shakespeare is on of the renowned writer, a great poet and a stage wrighter. His Romeo and Juliet taught us that love is bitter worth tasting for. His poems on life makes one contemplate. Life is not a bed of roses but an equal balance of happiness and sorrow. All will be okay when it will end okay, so stay
Stay until the sun shines
Stay until the rainbow abides
Stay until your dreams come true

We may face a lot of difficulties, a lot of dark moments, a lot of paranoia but we should have faith in our self that everything will get better in the end. Life is not like a leaf which sheds from its branch after a heavy stoke of wind but a tree who would stay on, no matter what.

A semi colon (;) indicates that the author would have ended the sentence, but he chose not to. So in the same manner, think of a semi colon when you think that you want a full stop in your life. Be a semi colon, choose not to end when you could have ended because all will get better in the end. Therefore I would conclude by saying that All will be well when it will end well, so wait, to see the big picture of life, of the sunset, of the ending.

“Love is worth waiting for,
Life is worth living for,
It is adamant to make it till the end,
And enjoy the fruit of a living”
All’ s well that ends well, finishing the race is worth to run till the end because its not about the prize but about how we run the race. Life is known to be a climb, but if you view closer the view is great.

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