Oct 23, 2015

The Most Embarrassing School Story

200 words By: Kareem Ghawi Abbas

One day when I was in about 5th grade I wasn't feeling very well, but my mom told me I'd be fine so she sent me to school anyway. A few hours into the classroom, I started to have a stomach ache, but I figured that it would pass after a while, so I didn't tell my teacher. Well, the stomach ache never went away, so I got up to tell my teacher, but as soon as I started talking I threw up all over my teacher's shoes, and the entire class saw. I didn't go back to school for about a week after that.

The situation has been repeated about a year ago with my young son, when he was in the second grade, where he vomited in the classroom. But this time, he was sent to the hospital by a close teacher. At the hospital he was given some treatment to stop vomiting. After a whole check –up , I was called by a doctor to attend the hospital .There, he asked me to make my son to have a good diet and do some exercise every day.

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