Oct 23, 2015

Essay on Unforgettable Holiday in Basra Island

278 Words Essay By: Kareem Ghawi Abbas

Last year I went on holiday with my friend, Sami. We went to a fantastic island in Basra. There are few island resort in Basra , but it is not like that world famous resort like bandos island resort, veligandu island resort , medhufushi island resort , biyadhoo island resort , filitheyo island resort , eriyadu island resort , etc. But we have no budget to go to these famous places . Therefore we decided to go to Basra. It is a local paradise island resort for us.

When we arrived , the weather was wonderful and the river around the island was calm. On the second day of the holiday, we decided to go deep the river fishing. First, we got up early, next we had a delicious breakfast and finally we went to the port, we hired a boat with a lifeguard and set off. After a half an hour, the lifeguard suggested we go back as the weather was changing, but Sami wanted to carry on.

Three hours later, we were still fishing without success. By the time, the river was very rough and Sami was beginning to feel sick. Then suddenly Sami felt a fish on his side. As he was pulling the fish on board, a huge wave hit the side of the boat and Sami fell into the water. After a few minutes, we managed to get him back into the boat and went back the island as quickly as possible. Sami was very cold when we arrived. Later, while he was taking off his wet clothes, a fish fell out of his T. shirt pocket. In the end, we laughed a lot.

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