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Nov 13, 2015

Essay on Home Pharmacy For Class 4

193 words essay byKareem Ghawi Abbas

"Home pharmacy is very necessary for family life to treat urgent cases that may be needed by any member of your family.

How do you make your home pharmacy? It's important to keep the drugs out of the reach of children and prevent them from being used by any inexperienced person. You can divide your home pharmacy into two main parts: the first part is the therapeutic substances that including gauze, cotton, bandages and plasters to deal with minor incidents properly as well as the ointments for the treatment of burns. The second part should contain the medicines to reduce heat and pains (syrup or pills). Besides this, there must be a section of medicines, syringes ,and sterilized items. Another section is for antibiotics .From my point of view, we all must be careful of using antibiotics and remember to dispose of the expired medicines because they are very dangerous. Finally, in order to rest your mind, you should put your home pharmacy at a high place in safe room out of the reach your children . Furthermore, each item should be labeled on the shelves to be known by someone in charge of it. "

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