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Nov 17, 2015

Essay on "Value of Working " For Grade 6

378 Words Essay by : Kareem Ghawi Abbas

"For me, I see the call of the Muezzin (a person who tells AZAN in Mosque) every morning «Come to Success» (In Arabic: Hai-A-Lal-Fala)as an instruction asking me to go out of the house and do something beneficial to me, and to achieve the daily fruitful and continuous product for mankind as well.

Although the Quran (or Koran) and the Hadith ask us to work with dedication and mastering, and to earn a living from the sweat of the brow, but we do not see an effective impact to that invitation in Muslim communities. We have no sustainable mechanisms to uphold the value of work and instill ethics in our hearts. Personally, I have conducted many of the frustrated conversations with the young people who feel that they have really acquired a job in the public sector, and when I ask someone, why do not think about working in the private sector, he or she shudders just thinking about the existence of the heavy workload and the expectation that his or her clothes and hands will be dirty through work.

There is much to be said for beehive as an ideal society or a microcosmic society that works perfectly. Every bee has a specified function in society. The work for each bee is an attribute carried with it naturally. We can see the reflection of 'masters in social work' in an individual bee.

Unfortunately, our society disdains for specific types of jobs, claiming that they are « improper or inferior » and suitable only for the poor only, where we hear these kinds of expressions all the time.

Returning to the example of the beehive, we don't find a bee claiming that its work is improper, or it is either working in a senior post or not work at all, but we see that every bee is an integral part of this community.

I do not know why the enterprise has faded when young people today prefer to relax in the comfort circle and to take a bold initiative to elevate them out of the daily routine, ugly circle, why I no longer see in the eyes of our youth a desire for excellence and leaving a unique imprint in the fields of trade, culture and politics as the fifties, the sixties and seventies generation did.

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