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Nov 29, 2015

Essay on 'Self-Development' For Class 5

230 Words Essay for Class 5 by : Kareem Ghawi Abbas

"Everyone has dreams and goals in his life trying to achieve; therefore, it is natural to look for the ways leading to achieve these goals by the process of self development. This process is a paved way towards learning how to self-develop through which we can know the size of our capabilities and what we need to do. In other words, this process resembles so much the process of building. In order to build a house, we must first have to draw a blueprint for this house. Then, we provide all the materials that we need in this building .Later it remains to follow the considered plan and the use of tools and building materials.

When we develop ourselves, we offer a large step towards reaching our objectives that we dream to achieve. In fact , self - development has great benefits. Firstly, it will improve the way we communicate with others through the development of our skills we need for that. This will consolidate our social and practical relations. Secondly, It shows our self-strength and maturity. Thirdly, the development of ourselves makes us feel happy because we are able to find out what makes us happy or sad .Besides this, self-development makes our personality overcome the difficulties and embarrassing attitudes that we face.

I conclude this topic with the saying of God Almighty: (Allah helps them who help themselves). "

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