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Nov 27, 2015

Essay on Truthfulness For Class 10th Stander

“A man is known by his virtue and by the truth he bestows upon others.” In the initial days of our childhood, we are taught the basic things like how to be obedient, how to not tell lies and how to be chivalrous. Little did we know that these basic things will become the most important things in our personal lives.

“Be truthful in your life because they hold up the strings of friendship, the lines of character and guide you to be trustworthy”. In any relationship, being truthful comes first; for once that belief of trust is gone; it never comes back again. Everybody knows the story of THE SHEPHERD BOY AND THE WOLF, where the lie was told again and again but when the true truth was told no one believed him. “An opinion I bestow,
Discard the tendency to lie,
Be courageous enough to tell the truth,
Even if it’s bitter taste may last long”.

We may lie , however we not to be, for smaller things because we are afraid to tell the harsh truth. We over think to reveal some opinion, in a state of confusion we stay quiet and don’t reveal the truth. These all situations occur because there is lack of bondage between a relationship and because of that we tend to not open up everything. So make an attempt to reveal, be ready to take a chance now than to regret later.

When we know a person is lying, we demean him, we obscure his state and we make him feel the worst person in the world. When we do such thing we outrage him, we encourage him to do it more.

In my opinion we should do the reverse of it. Ask her/him the reason for his lying. Ease him from his misery. Help him so that he will not do it again. When we do all this, we are making her/him a better person. Isn’t it wonderful to make a person good from bad?

Human has the tendency to commit mistake, but that doesn’t make him evil, it makes him a better person, it makes him experienced. It lets him know what life is and how to make his offspring’s to mind out the trance of life.

“I want to convey my opinion to make yourself pure: Make yourself humble,
Make yourself free from that dark moss, which resides inside you,
To make a new beginning of kindness and to throw away the past in the dustbin of yesterday,
To ride on a stallion to the future”..

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