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Dec 11, 2015

Essay on 'The Budget Management' For Class 8

249 Words Essay by : Kareem Ghawi Abbas

Budget management is the planning that is used to limit the available resources, and how to be spent on various expenses in a period of time. This planning would be good income management in order to meet the multiple needs of the family.

In fact, the family needs spending on food, clothes , doctors , treatments, rents , bills , water and electricity. The family must record all expenses and basic needs appropriately. However, a lot of families are suffering from the liabilities or needs that are more of their income . Here attention should be paid to a number of things to get rid of this node by following simple standard of living and keeping away from showing off to draw the attention of others. The family can go to stores that offer good discounts and take advantage of each others' experiences to reform and paint what they may have and without the help of people who will receive paid on it. There are many factors that adversely affect, such as random purchase, debts in an orderly fashion, buying expensive things to brag in front of others. Parents must raise awareness in consumption and spending money wisely, as they must educate their children from a young age that they have a good model of Consumer. They must teach them how to maintain their clothes, and close the water faucet. Parents can also take advantage of their free time or annual leave to earn additional income for the family.

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