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Dec 8, 2015

Essay on 'Patience is The Key to Relief' for Class 10

735 Words essay for Class 10 By:Kareem Ghawi Abbas

"Success cannot be achieved in a day or two, but it is a long- term goal. We need to work months and years for it, so that we can achieve and accomplish it and then we can say that we have actually become successful.

We need to be patient, and after patience we can reach the goal. It is said "if you want to be obeyed, ask for what is possible". For me, I consider patience as a basic step, especially, for those who seek a big success that needs a long time and five-year plans in order to taste the sweetness. It is also said, "which comes as easy as possible goes easily, while that comes with difficulty and long patience lasts for long periods ". Ask yourself before you begin ""Are you ready to be patient and take a long time to achieve what you wish?""

Yes, patience is beautiful and it is required to achieve your wishes and it is one of the best key to unlock the dreams of future, but you should not make a lot of mistakes as the aspirants do. Patience has its limits and if you have a specific goal and this goal needs to be achieved in one year, I do not think you'll need the patience of two or three years. You have to determine the period of patience and handle the mistakes that led to the length of the waiting period. We see that in the field of work where there are many projects that can be useful for employees or customers, but they require a period of time to show their effectiveness of the projects. If you need to be patient for the success of these projects, you can achieve the desired goals. The method of execution builds the confidence of the customers of showing the results very ahead of the drawn boundary of patience. Today's politician lies to people of their false commitment and console the people to be in patience for watching the results. Illusory promise never show reflection of truth. People understand the intention of these types of politician. Today's people first doubt and judge more minutely if any politician make promise of more delivery.

The urgency in the results and lack of patience can be the cause of the destruction. For example, in the world of football, we find a dismissal to a number of coaches after two losses or three. This will lead to instability of the team. While we find some clubs endure their coaches for years and they get good results and achievements because of the patience on the coach that has led to stability in the team. The importance of patience is not only in the event of disasters, but also when waiting for the results. In the world of education, we are waiting for years to get out educated young men and women hold advanced degrees in order to support and achieve the educational goals for the future. In cricket it is most important for a batsman to stand on pitch patiently. If he does so runs will come easily. If he fails to remain in patience by standing on pitch , he will lose his batting and the team will also lose the match. The doors are locked in very hurry by many people and these people turn again and again to recheck the condition of lock. But if they locks in patience then it makes a print on their memory that the lock has been done properly. There are much more example of patience that can be utilized as key in our life to succeed. "

If we discuss some of the successful stories, we find the best example of our Prophet Mohammed, God's blessing and peace be upon him; who continued to call for 23 years until he said in ""Farewell Hujj"" :""Today I have perfected your religion."" The call succeeded after many years and the patience of the harm and torture did not stop or tolerate until he achieved the success.

It is said that man asked Antara: ""What is the secret of your courage and you beat the men? Antara said: ""Place your finger in my mouth and take my finger and put it in your mouth"" and they bit each other, the man shouted and did not endure, so Antara said: ""Heroes can overcome by patience and endurance"".

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