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Dec 18, 2015

Essay On Christmas For Class 6

Christmas which is celebrated commemorating the birth of Jesus is a festival of smiles, love, sharing and laughter. What can possibly be a better way to remember the one person who loved us more than He loved himself and sacrificed His life for us? Christmas in true sense is the time of the year when we all should be thankful to Him.

Essay On Christmas For Class 6

Winter is the time to pull out your sweaters, say goodbye to bad hair days and sweat and say hello to cool chilly afternoons and that feeling of never wanting to get out of the bed. But the one thing that is more awaited is a certain festival like Christmas that knocks our heart with the advancement of the winter season . A festival which has been coined as the happiest festival, a festival which has been devoted in bringing smiles on the faces of your loved ones, a festival we all celebrate as Christmas. In every way, a festival awaited by everyone Christmas is celebrated in many parts of the world. There is generally a public holiday through most parts of the world on this day, even though mostly it is widespread in the US, it is also celebrated in countries like India, United Kingdom etc. Even if the celebrations are not as huge as that in the US, where people religiously celebrate it and make it necessary for everyone to exchange cards and gifts and of course warm hugs and smiles, other countries also celebrate Christmas.

Reasons why Christmas is the happiest festival of all times:
• Christmas Cards – Like we have friendship day cards, and birthday cards and Halloween cards and every other card we also have Christmas cards. Exchanging cards on Christmas is an age old activity. But to send cards to someone staying far or out of the country, we have the cool option to send online Christmas cards. Customise it, write your own personal little note and add pictures and emoticons of your own choice and your personalised online card becomes ready for sending at any part of the world within a fraction of time.

• Christmas Trees – Be it real or artificial Christmas trees are something which is a must have in every apartment on Christmas day. But it is to be noted that nowadays people prefer artificial trees over real ones because not only are they hassle free but also they can be stored away and reused again which is not possible for a real tree.

• Fancy Dress – The best part about Christmas, apart from the gifts of course, is the liberty of getting to dress up real nice and pretty to celebrate this event. After all nowadays everyone just needs a reason to celebrate and get beautifully dressed up and what can be a better reason that our very own Christmas! Girls and guys alike come out wearing really fancy dresses and strut on the streets with pride. In most clubs, pubs and lounges we find people dressed up as Santa Clause spreading gifts and chocolates to young kids on the streets.

Christmas also means Santa Claus. As matured elders we all know the truth about Santa. But for children he does exist and it is on Christmas he visits each and every home to keep small token gifts on the bedside or under the Christmas tree. Small kids and children wait the entire year for this one very day expecting to see Santa Claus and meet him. However, the mysterious beauty of Christmas and the grandeur of the festivity keep the fun going on and on every year.

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