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Jan 22, 2016

"Importance of Computer in our Life " Essay for Grade 10

Computer Knowledge- A wise way to lead the life

Gone are those dark days when people used to own thick registers to write out everyday business or professional details, invoice, customer list, credit amount and several other kinds of stuff to save the data.

The procedure was pretty drawn-out. The technology was not at all dispersed efficiently throughout the world by that time frame. Business organizations and government sectors used declare a special post just to calculate the daily cash-flow. With time, the development in technology came forward in an impressive manner and smart big electronic boxes, called computers, replaced the thick registers and everyday data penning. Time is as important as money and everyone need to value it. Why remain stuck with boring and time-consuming archaic procedures when we are living in the era where technology is at its apex? Today, computer education has been made compulsory in the educational institutions by the government to introduce modernity, smartness and superiority in the students so that they can explore a bright and better future with no dearth of opportunities. The importance of computer education can be experienced in the best way possible in today’s environs. Say it the entertainment or creating giant architectural designs; everything is shifted to computer. There is a completely exclusive world existing inside a computer. Computers have made our lives faster, better and more efficient.

Prominent Advantages
We can never mention that we have experienced enough advantages through computer utilization as it is not possible. There are umpteen benefits of using computers including explored ones and masked ones. What we have explored till today, is a small fraction of the possible benefits from computers. Every moment, a new possibility through computer pops out and we wonder every time that how much is left unseen. It is because of the development in the computer sector, we are witnessing thousands of digital media-based jobs. Today, India is one of the most leading IT sector globally due to the introduction of new possibilities and courses through computers. The vital role of computer in business and industry can’t be ignored as well. Due to the easy access to computers, business empires are growing every day and millions of unemployed youths are getting a source to make a living.

The most noticeable benefits that we have experienced with the evolution of computers include:
  • Development in education and research sectors
  • Enhancement of employment opportunities
  • Save lots of time
  • No need to carry heavy books, data records, slips or other kinds of stuff together ever time – just save the data to the system and access anytime you need that
  • Multiple time modification and cancellation of projects are possible without any hassle
  • Unlimited access and possibilities
  • Real-time multiple sharing of files

The Present Scenario:
It will be an understatement if we say that the computers have saved our time, effort and money only. With the evolution of computers, we have laptops, tablets, smartphones and low space consuming personal systems. We can access to unlimited features related to computer at present. Using the internet, we can not only communicate and share different e-files nationally but also the international territories. Today, a soldier can see and communicate with his family through video calls before going for a war, a student can pursue international master degree through e-courses sitting at his/her home only and music, movies, games and much more entertainment solutions can be enjoyed using a computer. Introduction of computers in our life has not only made us financially strong but also our intellects have discovered new and elongated boundaries.

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