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Jan 18, 2016

Essay on 'The Flower ' for Grade 5

261 Words Essay by : Kareem Ghawi Abbas

No wonder if we say that flowers have expressive languages in the universe. We are in need to know some of their vocabularies, methods and fancies. However, some people know a lot of the secrets of roses and flowers that fill human life with joy and gladness. Flowers learn us many things and put solutions to our crises and problems, but they are still absent from our mind.

In fact, the flowers reflect the wisdom of God who created the universe in color. God did not create this world in black and white colours, but created it by its natural colours so that we all know that life in its color is nicer and more likely that we live. There are white, red, blue, yellow, orange colours and other colors which are full with many meanings, ideas and creativity, but, we did not find black and gray in the world of colours until they die.

Hence, I think that we have to live this life with its nature and numerous colours. It is natural to find roses reflect the many beautiful meanings in human life, in joy and sorrow, in success and failure, in sickness and health , greeting in the morning or evening, among friends , family and loved ones, and even among the ""enemies"" who are trying to begin a new life with each other's.

To conclude, the flower has the most expensive value , an expression of joy in the most beautiful image and an expression of love, which is the symbol of sense, simplicity and tolerance .

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