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Jan 29, 2016

Essay on The Culture of Tolerence

247 Words Essay by : Kareem Ghawi Abbas

" In our daily life, we often come across negative attitudes and we try to find out a way to overcome them. Actually tolerance helps us suppress unwanted memories. It is very common to hear that there is a misconduct in a conversation between one person and another. In this regard, we see how great those who have a forgiving soul and forget the mistakes of others. This can reduce many of the problems that occur among colleagues or friends or relatives.

Of course, tolerance is the output of moral qualities such as patience, love, self-control, and courage. However, the quality of your life depends on the quality of your relationships. With the improvement of your relationships, all aspects of your life will be improved as well. Furthermore, every aspect of your life will be changed for better whether in your family, your business or your social life. Our mental disturbances get erased; which fills extra energy to focus on our objective of our day to day life. Tolerance is one of the best way to remain guided and straight on our activities. Hence it minimises the distraction of our mind from constructive thought and ideas.

To conclude, it is nicer to deal with your issues in constructive ways. Your tolerance is your noble way to delete the negative files of others. When you are tolerant, you will be more open to success in any ways that interest you. Then you will see everything can be achieved easily.

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