Jan 29, 2016

'if I Were a Cloud' Essay for Class 5

249 Words Essay

I had a dream last night that I was a cloud. I was made from vapours and had water in me. I was full of water waiting to gush out. I could become into any shape I want. I became a dog with a bone in its mouth and the children would point out at me saying that a cloud looks like a dog.

Next day I made myself useful. I went to a place where drought was killing people for hunger. I could see wrath and sorrow in that place. People waited for me in anticipation, they prayed for my coming and then here I was. I opened myself and rained all over.

People were so happy; they praised the lord and danced in joy. Next day I was in a place where water was everywhere. I could see people drowning. I thought perhaps my parents had done it because they were angry as to what people had done to the nature. I just saw them silently, drowning and paying for their sins. I saw how humans were different. They had happiness and sadness in them all over. But all I cared for is their happiness. I made a rainbow after rain. I snowed in required places. Children were happy to see the snow flakes.

I was happy to be a cloud. It made me happy seeing others happy. Suddenly I woke up on mom’s voice and it was the best dream that I had ever seen.

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