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Jan 1, 2016

Essay on Lunch Box For All Classes

“What did you bring for lunch?” “Mummy packed me a box of surprise for lunch”

This is what lunch bell used to be about. A wait since morning and then a box which would delight us with the delicious delicacies of mother’s home made food. Let us remember and thank our mother for the wonderful time she gave us. She gave us the joy of sharing and made us have a wonderful time with our friends.

We still as children or adolescence or adult love lunch box. It’s a mother’s love which is packed in that lunch box. A love which would fill our tummies to the fullest.

I still remember the time when mummy used to pack me my favourite food all the time and how later on I would go and tell her that the lunch was delicious and we shared our lunch and how I also tried other lunch boxes which were also delicious.

“A lunch box is something which makes us know that how our mother’s have devoted time for us. So folks, let us remember the time spent in the past or a time still present all day and thank lunch box which made it all wonderful... />


  1. i think this would help me to obtain 10 marks.....thx man

    1. The quality of this essay will sure fetch you 10 out of 10. Thanks for commenting.


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