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Jan 3, 2016

Essay on 'The Luck' For Class 7

335 Words Essay by : Kareem Ghawi Abbas

"Several people believe to be suffering from bad luck and they do not live a happy life. Apparently, they tend to complain and consider that their luck is unhappy, however, God is the one who estimates the livelihoods, but the lack of faith by dividing share make us feel living unhappily.

How can you bring good luck? In fact, there are many ways that make you feel luckier. Firstly, you can prove and help yourself to enhance your strengths and address the weaknesses by working hard. Secondly, you can be optimistic and seek with all your capacity to reach the highest levels as the strong optimism can cancel the weakness. In addition, you shouldn't stand with folded hands leaving yourself sinking into the depths of danger. In other words, you can risk in order to reach your goals by doing the best because luck and laziness never meet. Another way, you can encourage yourself when you feel you've accomplished a remarkable job or even you feel disappointed. Finally, you can judge on your actions to delight yourself in every way and always remind yourself that you are worthy of admiration. Accordingly, you can make your dreams come true and believe in your abilities to achieve the desired objectives.

Above explained tips are the ways to turn your unreachable objective into luck. It is because God has equipped us to put our limbs and mind into action for achieving the luck set by God. God helps those ; who help themselves. This words can be then justified. God has also given us freewill to not use and to use ourselves in the direction of bad luck and good luck respectively. Therefore it depends on us to set the direction. And we should never make an excuse that God has not blessed us for Good luck.

In conclusion, the feeling that you are a lucky person stems from your faith in your ability. If you believe in your abilities , you will be lucky.


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