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Feb 19, 2016

Essay on Culture of Dialogue For Class 9

347 Words Essay by : Kareem Ghawi Abbas

In our daily life, people often go into discussions with the others but they don't come up with solutions because of their intolerance and adherence to the opinions. Here it should take into account that the difference in opinion doesn't invalidate the intimacy.

In fact, some of people may miss the discipline of dialogue especially in dealing with problems. They don't have the culture of respect and the agreement of others' opinions. They feel like they are in a battle and they have to win in the field of dialogue, In other words, they don't treat the issues with a good spirit. On the contrary, people who possess a good spirit and discipline have a good dialogue. They embrace altruism and respect others' opinions with an open mind. They also make their dialogue focus on solutions and participation without imposing their opinions on others. When share our interlocutors in a topic or certain issue, we shouldn't forget that the difference in cultures basically affect our views.

It is not required to give in and give up and shake our heads for any opinion ,but we should listen to others without imposing our points of view on others. In my daily life, I meet many people who cling to their opinions in the debate and try to resound their voices, trying to prove their opinions even though they are wrong until they prove that they are the winners .

It is logical and reasonable to agree and disagree and explain our point of view about what poses not to make our discussions a way to jealousies or hatred. We should know that the aim of the debate and divergence of views is to look for the best solution and not to convince others of what we only believe. If there is a difference in the views, we shouldn't discuss it from one corner , otherwise, how we live up to dialogue and we do not accept the opinion of others. So we have to accept the opinions of others and their ideas even if they do not match us.

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