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Feb 14, 2016

Essay on Importance of Family For Grade 6

223 Words Essay by : Khushi S. Bhagtani

"Family is the synonym of comfort , trust , happiness & belongings. When I am in school & I have a lot of work , I feel I should be at my home with my family. Family is very important, without my family I would do every work nonchalantly. A person without family feels very lonely, because he doesn't have a mother to love , he doesn't have a father who will tell him to have a ride on his bike & a sibling to play with.

Family is not needed to play or to have a round on a bike, it is needed to love, to care & to pamper. Our family never pushes to failure instead they always pull us to success. They always help us to dreams & to fulfill our dreams.

Without my family I am zero because my family is my hero. When I feel somewhat cold at night I hug my mother very tightly to get warmth from her soft & warm hands. When I forget my compass box I borrow it from my brother. Whenever I see bad dreams I share it with my father.

I am very sure that in my previous life, I would have done something good & secure that I got such a lovely, extraordinarily good, inspiring, care taking & a nice family.

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