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Feb 10, 2016

Essay on 'Free Time' For Class 4

243 Words Essay by : Kareem Ghawi Abbas

"Leisure time is the time at which you can relax or do specific activity you enjoy rather than work.

You have to invest your leisure time to do useful things, such as reading, or walking, or playing sports, or doing things that you have put off due to your busy work. You have to know how to manage and divide your time successfully according to what you want. The presence of free time is an ideal opportunity to get rid of the daily restrictions, as it provides the ability to self-development skills to do different hobbies.
How do you take advantage of my free time?

There are a variety of means that could help in taking advantage of the free time. One of the most important health means is to practice different sports; jogging, or hiking, or swimming which help to increase fitness, especially after a long day work. This will protect your body's health. Also it's possible to allocate an hour a day to read before going to sleep. This will help to increase the rate of reading, and provide your culture.

The choice of appropriate leisure time depends on the one's ability to organize the best time, and to know the times that could be allocated to take advantage of free time, so the presence of free time during the day also depends on the coordination between the working time, or study, or any other obligations in appropriate and successful manner.

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