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Feb 5, 2016

Essay on 'My Birthday Bash' For Class 10

Birthday is a very special day in everyone’s life but very few folks are fortunate enough to receive lots of warm wishes and love from the near and dear ones.

Your birthday is the day for which you wait whole year long and plan several things to make the day amazing. I celebrated my birthday last month and I am still unable to come out of the flashbacks of my happy birthday party. That feeling is completely inexpressible when your cell phone starts ringing crazily every now and then since the clock’s hand touches 12 and people want to surprise you on your special day. I was so gratified and overwhelmed when I received tons of messages and calls. I was so happy to know that people care about my existence and they want to share my happiness. Last month was my 25th birthday and I wanted to make it special enough. I decided to hire a party planner. You cannot arrange everything by yourself, especially when you are a bachelor and live alone due to professional reasons. A party planner can eliminate all of your worries and save you from the mess.

Special décor & arrangement: I was lucky enough to get an understanding and experienced party planner in my vicinity. I wanted to make my birthday bash crazy and memorable enough. I had invited lots of my buddies as well as few cousins. The primary thing to care about was the space which I badly needed to fit my invitees. My party planner saved my day and helped me arranging the household stuff in an organized manner so that the eye-catching décor could be introduced. All I needed to do was paying bucks according to the decided budget. I was just at my home, cleaning the rooms, windows, and furniture and the planner was arranging everything which was on the list. When the planner was done with his purchasing, I was gobsmacked to see the fast and creative services.

The décor and arrangement included:
• A creatively designed chocolate flavored happy birthday cake
• Balloons, candles, snow-spray and party caps
• Standard soft drinks and hard drinks
• Superior quality snacks and beverages
• Scrumptious non-veg buffet
• DJ lights
• Latest music CDs

Unforgettable moments: My birthday arrangement estimate was pretty bearable and I was kind of happy with that. My best pals, cousins, and few colleagues started moving into my apartment with crazy yells. I was emotional when all of them started hugging and kissing me. It will be wrong to say that everything went in a gentlemen way. The next moment, after the kissing, hugging, and wishing was Mission Embarrassment! I was covered with cake and snow and trust me; it was the exact amount of love I was expecting the previous night of my birthday. On public demand, I successfully cut my cake and shared it among the invitees. Then the loud music made the ambience totally insane. Folks were dancing, singing, jumping, rolling over the floor and doing all the possible crazy stuff. I also joined the crazy army and enjoyed the night at its edge. The worst thing about such parties is that when it comes to the end, you worry about the next day or better to say the same boring and irritating day. We wrapped up the party on a happy note. Those moments still moisturize my eyes along with bringing a smile on my face.

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