Mar 15, 2016

Essay on 'How to Study'

Studying is reading lessons, understanding and installing information in mind to restore them for the time of testing. It has its own rules and methods that must be based on. The superior student who is seeking knowledge and success is keen on studying to achieve the future goals .

There are several ways which are complementary to each other to become one easy way for memorization of specific books for school or university . One of the most important ways is to choose a quiet place to study .For example , you can sit in upper floor to stay away from the noise of the children. It is necessary to supply your place with the basic items that you need during studying like pens , pencils, papers , notebooks and calculator.You can keep your mobile phone outside your room in order not to take your mind off and waste your time playing without feeling. Moreover, you have to give a specific time for each lesson so that you can study all the subjects during the day. After you finish studying, revise the information that you read and understood on paper to prepare yourself to test yourself. If you feel bored while studying, take a break for an hour until you can renew your activity.

To conclude, studying is an easy action if you organize your time and follow the above methods. It requires a little effort, but you must have a motivation to study and understand. If you think about your future , want to reach your goals and want to feel proud of yourself, you have to study and I'm sure you will easily achieve your message of life.

281 Words Essay by : Kareem Ghawi Abbas

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