Mar 11, 2016

Essay on 'Importance of Education' For Grade 5

What is the importance of education? Answering this most obvious and valuable question is not possible by compiling few words or sentences.

Once Nelson Mandela stated, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Every bit of the quote made sense then and making sense today. Without education, the world will jump into the battlefield holding the ‘eye for an eye’ perception. Education is the key to success and a better tomorrow. It will be an understatement if one says that with education, one can only make a living. Education helps a person in developing the basic skills as well as the subject area enlightenment. Education brings confidence and humility in a person’s behavior. Education eliminates poverty and brings prosperity in the surroundings. There is a huge importance of education in life and one cannot simply overlook the scopes that education creates to provide success for the long run.

Basic and mandatory education in today’s scenario
The whole nation demands educated and smart people today and one can only contribute to the various projects, made available to the public by the national government when he/she acquires sufficient education. Education doesn’t imply that one must have big degrees to prove his intellect and smartness. Basic educational qualifications, that are must in the present scenario include:

  • Proper knowledge of English and the national language
  • Well communicative skills
  • Elementary computer knowledge
  • Knowledge of internet
  • Professional knowledge of typing and creating Microsoft documents
  • Exchanging emails
  • Elementary medical knowledge
  • Initial level expertise in appliance fixing or repairing

There are several other options other than the above-mentioned qualifications that can help a youth or any age group of individual to get a job and contribute to the development of his/her society. There is no dearth of opportunities in the nation but to fit every position, one needs to be appropriately eligible and for that proper education is compulsory. A wise person can avoid a plethora of unfavorable circumstances arising due to the deficiency of education in the society. Education helps a person come out of the mist of caste, religion and other kinds of illogical discriminations. The lifestyle and attitude of a person reflect his/her educational standards and, therefore, education importance must be valued by every male and female in the nation.

Benefits of being educated
The more you get educated, the lesser you talk baloney. Education must be available in every rural area and equally for males and females for better and fast growth of the nation. An educated citizen knows where to put his/her valuable vote to choose a deserving political candidate. An educated person knows to handle adverse circumstances smartly. There are myriad of benefits of being educated. Education not only helps a single person but also it ensures the better environment for the upcoming generation and the surrounding folks. In India, the importance of higher education and elementary education holds a special niche. All the superstitions, illogical conflicts, disrespect and discouragement of women’s success and several other feebleminded activities are caused due to lack of proper education. Education helps the widows, single mothers, rape-victim females and financially weak women stand independently and proudly in the society and give a better future to their kids. If we talk about the history, it was the education that inspired many social reformers to take stands and raise their voices against various ill traditions causing degradation of the society’s development. Education is a great weapon to conquer the globe and it never disappoints anyone.

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