Apr 22, 2016

Competition Leads to Progress Essay

Progress is possible when you are not afraid of competition. Each and every person is unique, no doubt in that, but he/she may have more or better qualities than you.

If you want to reach your goal, make sure that you are perfect in it because there are thousands of people out there (keeping in mind India’s population) who want the same goal and who will go out of their way to reach their goal. Here is where competition steps in; many people are scared of it, many people are against it but many people don’t know the importance of it.

Competition makes your goal a living thing; it ignites that fire within you to make your dream possible. Many people dream a new dream every day or hold on to their old dream but the reason why they don’t succeed is because the lack of better preparation for competition. For example, if a writer knows that there are 80 people out there dreaming the same dream, then he will try to perfect his skill in writing, increase his vocabulary and will do all other things to make himself perfect. This is called preparing for competition in a right way, but, when a person knows the competition but tries to excel in it through unlawful means then that competition becomes unworthy for him and even though it results in progress, it’s not worth the success.

I am talking about a healthy competition but not of that which involves cheating and murder. Economics taught us that human wants are unlimited. So beware, don’t let the fire within you burn the goodwill of others.

A healthy competition leads to progress. Progress as in: increase in ones skill, increase in employment capability which in turn results in increase in earning capacity. When competing is treated as a healthy one, it results in national progress. Think of Olympic Games because it is the result of competition that has made our countries name rise in most of the sports.

Apart from games, the place where competition is mostly present is, during exams. When you are competing among thousands of individual, you are merely testing your knowledge and you also get to know where you stand in the crowd.

This is the main purpose of exam, to merely test your knowledge in a competitive way. I think students should know this particular point “Competition is just a part of life and not life itself”. Sometimes the hunger for success makes your values famished.

When a company needs skilled employees, they conduct interviews which comprises of numerous rounds which is nothing but a competition. It’s a competition for you to have a bright chance to work in the company and a competition for the company to extract the right skilled people from the crowd.

Now, those people who are not competitive enough or those who don’t stand a chance in the competition, it is an experience for them to know about their flaws and learn from them. Competition is a boon to mankind which leads to progress, progress for him and progress for his country.

The main purpose of it is to improvise you in your particular field through the input of competition, when this is done, that particular skill is improved which results in progress within yourself and also progress to the country.


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