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Jun 10, 2016

A very Interesting Animation Story for Class 10

This Animation story is about very popular character Doraemon of the Japanese Animation series. The children love this character. I therefore decided to write a beautiful animation story as per my imagination.

A sudden knock on the door woke up Doraemon from his deep sleep. He checked the time to discover that it was still midnight, while the knocking started again. He opened the door only to see a black hooded figure daunting Nobita as he timidly knocked on the door.

On seeing Doraemon this mysterious hood figure disappeared into the darkness. Nobita looked at Doraemon pretty much the same way as an anxious patient looks at the doctor and asked “what was this black thing? What does it want from me?” His emotions got the better of him when he saw that even Doraemon had no reply. Doraemon ordered Nobita to get back to sleep as he promised to watch over Nobita. Now he thought about Nobita’s questions deeply. He now began to talk to himself “Could this have been another one of Jian and Sunio’s pranks?-no they couldn’t have possibly pulled out something this elaborate. Suddenly it clicked to him that Moremon, Doraemon’s brother from the future could have been behind this.Afterall Moremon was designed to be notorious. But before accusing anyone of a crime, it’s better to be sure.”

Having thought that Doraemon pulled out his time machine and set the timer to back to the time when Nobita went to sleep. But as he was being teleported, an error occurred and he arrived in a different and more chaotic dimension. He could see a world run by insanity and he knew Moremon was at the heart of this. As he roamed around he saw a huge palace with Moremon’s statue on it . This had to be his palace. Doraemon decided to confront him but then hesitated as he didn’t know what all could be in there. So he took out his anywhere door and mustered enough courage to gain entry to the top most room of the palace. No sooner had he popped out than he wore his invisibility cloak .he could hear Moremon taking about himself and about Doraemon.Moremon was planning to enter the 21st century to ruin his goody brother’s perfect existence by troubling his friends. Moremon had planned to visit Nobita at Night. Doraemon hurriedly got back to his time machine and arrived just in time. He could see Nobita sleeping soundly .He knew that Moremon’s invasion was imminent .What could he do? He was looking was gadgets to fight Moremon but he stumbled across a really old never used gadget. There were neither weapons nor anything useful in his pouch. This old gadget was all. He hit a random button on it and he could feel himself turn into something he wasn’t quite sure of. With a huge bang Moremon entered the room and saw a black hooded figure hovering over Nobita. Moremon took to his toes and never looked back. However the huge bang with which Moremon had entered woke Nobita from his sleep. On seeing the black figure, Nobita Knocked on Doraemon’s door. The black figure disappeared and the time travelling Doraemon regained his original from. He then hurried to his time machine to get back to the present world to tell Nobita about his little adventure.

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