Jun 3, 2016

Essay on' Earth of My Dream' For Class 10

496 Words

Earth as we know it, made its journey like no one else could. It has sustained us for billion years and is bearing us still. It has unconditionally given us its resources; without a cost.

We have made earth the way we wanted it to be but we never kept it the way it was given to us. Are we happy in the earth we live? What if you were given a chance to alter earth? How would you want it to be? If I were given a chance to dream earth, I would never have changed it. Roads would never be built up; greenery would flourish everywhere. I would acquaint animals and enjoy their company. The word pollution would never exist in the dictionary of earth. I would not mind living in a nomadic way. Only fire would be enough for me to aid my daily needs. Trees would be held in a majestic way. I would never cut them down. Why would I cut down the providers of oxygen? I am not a fool to reduce the providers of my sustenance. I would live in a house made of fallen trees.

When earth is providing me air to breath, water to drink, fruits to eat and trees for shade, I would not greed for more. Greed and wrath never bought good to anyone, it only bought useless yearn which held no value.

Think of earth in that way; there would be peace all around. No brothers would fight for money, there would not be a rage for acquisition. The meaning of life would be simple; to enjoy life by consuming what earth provide and not by making earth a grieving globe.

I am not mocking the advancements people has made, but are those so and so developments worth it? Is destroying earth day by day the solution to all our problems? I think not. It is making us more medieval. We have lost our way in the midst of getting better. In a latter perspective, if I wanted development; I would develop it in a moderate way. Only necessary things needed would be developed, keeping in mind of earth’s health. I would not make earth sick because of my selfish needs, because we don’t know that we are a small part of something great, something which is beyond our imagination.

The very reason we were made existent in this earth is to understand one another and experience love. But now we are more worried about unwanted things. Let us get awake consciously. Let us dream earth the way we wanted it to be in the first place. Let us not dwell upon the mistakes done by others and neglect the important things. Let us dream because it is never too late for anything. We can make earth healthier again, happier again, resourceful again and better again. Earth of my dream would be a happier place. A place where love would be abundant and free.

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