Jul 15, 2016

Essay on 'Aim to Become an Artist'

"The mind of artists are always on fleek". An artist is a person whose mind is like a sea with lots of dreams, colours, inventions and imaginations. If you have ever talked to an artist, you will know in which world they live in. They may be an introvert but the mindset which they have is of a dreamer, who dreams of flying as high as possible.

When they hold a paint brush, they are no more a person who only paints, but they are the one's who paint a masterpiece. Most of the famous artists never wanted to paint only for money, they wanted to showcase their talent because they wanted to inspire others. So when you aim to become an artist, never do it just because you want to earn, but do it because you want to make people awestruck.

There is something different about these artists which we can never understand. They are the beholders of colours in their minds. Nobody can paint a masterpiece, but the one who does it are the ones with a difference in attitude and mind, nothing is attached to them more than a colour pallet. They are drenched in the joy of painting and stroking.

If you have aimed to become an artist then never ever look back on becoming something else. It is easy in this "sheep" driven world to be out of track i.e. to follow something which others are also following. I say that be rebellious in your dreams, be that person who has a shine of hope in his eyes and trust in his heart. It may not be an easy path, if you don't take it just because you are scared, then who will?. Take that jump of trust in yourself and arrive at the horizon of success. Aim is not like a hurdle where you can jump easily, it is a mountain where you have to climb barefoot and enjoy the view of victory.

It is always hard to follow something different but when you do it with integrity and passion, you can follow your aim easily. For example, Joanna always wanted to become an artist but she was scared to become on because of lack of trust and motivation. One day a man knocked her door and asked for a glass of water. Joanna gave him.
"If it weren't for ripples in this water, it would never have been different", said the man.
"Who are you?", Joanna asked in astonishment.
"I am difference who knocks on everyone's door and befriends them, will you befriend me?"
"I always aimed for difference but lacked motivation"
"Well then! Here is your glass of motivation"
and after that incident, Joanna painted like never before. She painted on fleek, with perfection, with determination, with imagination and most importantly, with fearlessness.

So, through this example, I want to inspire people, to follow their dreams, no matter what and even if it is too late.


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