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Jul 8, 2016

Essay on 'All that Glitters is not Gold'

Splendor of a king may have pauperism life like a beggar. It is just as synonym as "all that glitters is not gold"

We live in an era where everything seems beautiful and perfect but what we don't know is the anomaly it undermines. Everything you think is made perfect to you but the reality behind it is unknown to you. We are now, living in a race called the "Herd" where everybody follows what everybody else is following, the will to do it by yourself has been lost.

People are wasting time on something which is not worth the time. Everybody wants money, everybody wants to live a lavish life and everybody wants materialistic things, but the fact they don't know is that money and material will not last forever. In this race to possess things, people are actually losing their values and behaviors.

Rita and Lillian were best of friends but they had an opposite mindset. Rita always thought that materialism bought her love and respect, while Lillian thought that love and respect can be received through giving the same in return;being humble was her notion. Both the besties promised to visit each other, each year, to see where they stood in life based upon each other's notion. They shared their ups and downs in life but Rita started visiting with a mopey face for a few years, She came to know that when she possessed material, everybody was with her but when she was without a dime, everybody started fading away.Lillian got worried about Rita and took her by the hand and told her " Life's amazing and the materials which we have created is amazing as well but we have created to use it, not to dwell upon it." Rita sobbed her heart out and understood what Lillian tried to tell her all those years. She finally understood the true meaning of life and the fact that what lies underneath matters, but not that, which artificially attracts us from above.

Everything seems "Glittery" to us but the actual fact is that underneath there is no real "Gold". Gold is where there is abundant love and respect given to you. A Rich man may seem happy to you because he has everything, he can buy everything but what you don't know is that, behind all that riches, is a lonely man, who has nobody to share nor to give; the joy of giving and sharing is lost in the midst to pursue everything. On the other hand, when you see a person without a dime to spend and yet he is happy, content, loving, sharing and giving, you will know that the actual joy is not in just inventing a light, but it is in making use of that light in the betterment of people. In the same manner, when you see a happy and content person laughing his/her heart out, do not envy him/her because he/she had her share of despair in the past but yet he/she chose to conquer. He/she chose to not let the outer negativity break his/her inner wall of positive and liberal faith.

The meaning of life is same as the saying "Brass does not contain the quality of Gold" and also the fact that " The brightest eyes have seen the deepest scars of wrath and pain". When you understand why "All that Glitters is not Gold", you will come to know that "Believing in everything is not a clever man's eye." ..

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