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Jul 1, 2016

Essay On Role of Father For Class 5

It is often said that after mother if anyone loves his children the most, he is the father. Father is not merely a word but it is a feeling and a position that contains thousands of responsibilities with it.

It is known to every single person of the world even an infant can feel the importance of a father in his life. Father creates a kind of magic in ones life that can be only felt and lived but can’t be seen. The safest place to reside in the world is under the guidance of father. One can feel secure and loved in his presence. However father never gives birth to his children but is equally loving, caring and responsible for his child’s upbringing. The number of sacrifices a father does for his children is beyond the calculations of any mathematician. He is the one person who will never leave you alone even in the hardest times of your life. The amount of love and care he showers is unpredictable. A father is always concerned about his children’s safety and future. He is the one who makes all possible efforts to secure our future.

He spends all of his incomes on our comforts just to make sure we live happily. The role of a father is the most selfless role and deserves all the admiration of the world. Society accepts the fathers as the most important person of the family. He works hard to earn money, provide his children the best education and facilities without even giving it a second thought. A father happily fulfills his children’s wishes. Fathers are often misunderstood by the way they express that is by taking care of everyone. Unlike mothers they don’t show their feelings and love directly. But with time it can be easily seen that his love is no less than that of a mother. He never misses a single chance to spend time with his children. He supports his children, encourages them and be there for them whenever required. Sometimes he also scolds, but that is for our own good. He shares his life experiences with us so that we become a decent person.

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