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Sep 2, 2016

Essay on My Favourite Subject Philosophy For Class 10

One of the most exciting and extraordinary subject of study which has caught the attention of academicians across the world is Philosophy. It is an investigation of things which can concern humans generally or issues of values, ethics, and reasoning, application of the human mind and the use of verbal language or nonverbal gestures and postures.

Philosophy actually deals with discussing and attempting to calculate what is the meaning of life in context to our existence in human form. It is a type of thinking process which depends upon a person’s past experiences and societal norms. It is also a study of human behavior in front of others and the responses we make based upon their expectations. Philosophy has its history rooted in the ages before Christ during the ages of Socrates in 500 BC. Initially considered to be a subject of human nature it formed a universal domain of knowledge in the late 400 BC and then followed into the middle ages. Initially it was considered a medium to associate all activities beyond human domain with God and nature.


However with the passage of time and changing of ages it is important to understand where and how philosophy has impacted and influenced the human beings. The answer to this question lays in the fact that every domain concerning human beings has Philosophy behind it which actually helps us understand why that thing is important to us. For e.g. if we wish to understand why we are hungry then the philosophical answer to it would be because Nature has made us this way that we derive energy from the food resources which are available here on Earth. For the time being it would not look deep into vegetarian and non-vegetarian food but to explain that there is another philosophy. This is the reason which makes philosophy my favorite subject. Philosophy lets me understand things in the larger perspective and also helps me see things from different angles. It gives me an opportunity to look outside the normal way and find for myself a personal reason to understand something with which I can connect.

Philosophy gives me a more sentimental take on things which is a mix of emotion and practicality. I leant how to approach things practically and then find out reasons behind them and then connect it with my daily life. This allowed me to experiment with anything I want and helped me learn faster and in an easier way. The subject is really different from science and maths because here I can apply my own logics and understandings and still they would be correct. Philosophy does not consider any particular thing as the real answer and thus everyone gets a chance to feel important.

Philosophy makes us see things with an open mind and asks us to consider all possibilities in mind. It does not work on one set parameter thus it can be used to make our lives better. It will allow us to have better relationships and would help us enhance our listening. We would be patient and not jump to conclusions. We would become more just and unbiased and believe only on the truth and not on heard thoughts. It also helps us in questioning rules and regulation and gives an opportunity to change them with the passage of time. Thus philosophy is a subject that each individual should read in order to make the world even better than it is

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