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Sep 9, 2016

Essay on A Railway Station For Class 9

When we first hear the word railway station, all we think of is "memories" which delight us because all we remember is that day when we boarded the train for the very first time. It is amazing to see that how railways were first used for transportation of goods but now it is a means of transport for us as well, what we didn't notice is that we were creating memories when we travelled through the train. Before Airways were invented, Railways were of most importance for transportation of goods and people. Trains are even important now for transportation of goods because of the reason that airways cannot carry the heavy load.

Essay on A Railway Station For Class 9

We can clearly remember the passengers who are in a hustle and bustle. People are always in a hurry to find train's platform or coaches, they get tensed whether they can reach on time or not. Through this, people can also learn and maintain the importance of time.The most emotional moment we see is of the people who come to see off their relatives or friends, their tears and long hugs tell a lot of stories and also the problem of distance which sometimes make people apart. We can see Coolies who work hard for money, the hawkers who sell us all the delicious snacks, these are the common and poor people who make their living because of railway stations. The co-passengers are the ones who become our friends for a lifetime.

The problems which we see on railway stations are beggars and on local trains, there is not enough space to accommodate all people, many people sit on the top of the train and travel which is highly dangerous. With the advent of development and modernisation, metro rails are constructed for a faster journey and proper seating arrangements, even though aeroplanes are the fastest way for travelling, travelling through train is considered to be the most wonderful and pleasant experience among families. It has created many employment opportunities for people which have made common people earn his wage in an efficient manner. It is the cheapest mode of transport which creates the journey for travellers or businessman affordable.

The beauty of railway station is not only the train but also the people who have unknown stories written in their fate, the train will be their halt of life, to share a few quotes with an unknown or to laugh about the abruptness of life.

A railway station sang an unknown chorus of talks among people which reflected the train i.e the train went at the same pace as a person's life.

Some of the general things to be known about railway stations are that the first train was built by Richard Trevithick, there are 8000 to 8500 railway stations in India and it is said to be the fourth largest employer in the world which is providing employment opportunities to millions of people. The fastest train in India is the Bhopal Shatabdi Express and the fastest train in the world is the Maglev.

Thus it could be concluded that a railway station doesn't consist of only a machine which takes us from place to place, it includes relations, laughter, moments and bonds which are strengthened over time. It is the greatest invention ever made for us.

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