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Oct 21, 2016

Essay on How to deal with Boredom

It was said that "Time is like a sword. If you did not cut it, it will cut you."

This saying was kept all by heart and told in most of our meetings and our events, but we often forget when we feel bored. Many of us miss the practical meaning of this parable and we get ourselves into a whole lot of trouble, boredom, frustration and discontent. We feel that there is no meaning to the life and adopt some wrong behaviors. That's because we do not know what to do and how to get out of the cycle of boredom. All religions have urged the need to exploit the time and spend what is useful. So Eliminating feeling bored task due. It is not a difficult or impossible, but easy to implement if anyone decides to fight the boredom, Here I sum up the most important steps to get rid of the boredom that have proved successful:

Essay on How to deal with boredom

1. You must ask yourself why do I feel bored? If the cause is a routine you have to break it either by adding some new things or to do your work differently, for example, if the house arrangement disturbs the housewife and make her feel bored, you need to change the order of the house mechanism and distribute the rooms where to read or paint or see television.

2. Getting away from the social life is a reason of being bored, so you have to merge with the others and go to meet your friends or visiting relatives.

3.Playing sports even for a few minutes a day will stimulate the secretion of hormones of your happiness and give more energy and vitality to reduce fatigue and depression.

4.You have to learn something new and reveal the lid on a lot of things that are not known to follow-up the development of software and hardware, or read a book or learning a new language.

5.You have to reward yourself from time to time so as not to feel bored, for example, if you don't have a desire to work, you should be thinking about giving the same bonus or award if your work leads to the fullest like watching a movie or visiting your friends or other things you love . This self-reward will intensify your efforts to eliminate the scourge the scourge of boredom.

369 Words Essay by : Kareem Ghawi Abbas

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