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Oct 14, 2016

Essay on Fashion Design

Fashion design is the art of the application designs and aesthetics, which are designed on the different tools and components such as clothing and accessories. It is influenced by different cultures that vary according to time and place.

 Stylists are keen at the designs that take into account what the signs that point to these designs are. Fashion design is a craft,  an art, and  a skill; these elements must come together with each other to be an attractive design. It is taught in some specialized institutes  for these purposes and there are some centres held various courses for the beginners and advanced under the supervision of designers. They are currently held concerts under the supervision of a commercial reputation of international companies to provide fashion at parties In the presence of media in order to promote the work of these designs. There are many fashion designers who are working as part of a team to get out the best designs, the team contributes to the inspiration process, correct the errors that may result without any attention, while others prefer to work alone, and then they sell their designs to fashion shops and garment manufacturers.

Essay on Fashion Design

The first appearance of fashion design was in the nineteenth century, and that was made by Charles Frederick, who was the first designer in this world, when he made stitching marks on the clothes that he created. He displayed his clothes in a fashion house in Paris, and the method used in the that time was anonymous, but it was derived designs, forms of dress for the kings, and it was worth this title. He was able to bring many customers who praised so much on these products at the time. And then many fashion houses began to spread and employ a number of artists to draw and designs of garments.

306 Words Essay by : Kareem Ghawi Abbas

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