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Dec 16, 2016

Essay on 'The Importance of Farmer' For Class 4

Farmers are the persons because of whom we are living a healthy life, it is because of them that we are able to eat three meals a day. It is because of them that we are not finding difficulty to produce our own food, they should be the one's who should be most respected in the society. Life of a farmer is ridden with poverty and they work very hard to make the ends meet. We should appreciate their hard work and thank them for the meal which we are able to eat with satiety.

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Imagine the world where farmers did not exist, it is for sure that our life wouldn't have been same as it is now. Many people waste food with or without the knowledge. I think that it is our duty to make sure that each and everyone knows the importance of farmers.

It is really very ironic to find that farmers who are the meal makers, find it difficult to eat food because they are deprived of all the basic amenities. According to the statistics, many farmers are committing suicide because they are unable to pay the loans or they are unable to provide for their family. It is really sad to know that the important persons in our life are making us happy but they themselves are not leading a happy life. It is really important that a general awareness should be made about the lives of farmers, they should be given free or affordable amenities to have a happy and prosperous life and farmers children should be given free education.

It is important that each and every farmer should be made aware with the recent advancement in the agrarian technology and they should be given this technology to make their life an easier road.

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